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Nah, I highly doubt the control board is broken. My super duper $5 5v 7.5w supply is bulletproof.

A normal hall signal is 0.5v up to 4.5v.

SERIAL: I think I was messing around with different speeds to see how accurate it was. I may have sent it up with 115kbps. It's also possible I sent up code that was in DEBUG mode, which means only a PICKIT3 could run it. I'll send you a "release" version of the code that should be able to be programmed by your programmer. I'll also make sure it's set to 115kbps 8N1.

For the encoder, I think it expects pulses for A and B that are 0 to 5v, so if you can create that, it should be OK.

Throttle is being pulled up VERY GENTLY to +5v with a 100k resistor. Maybe there's a tiny bit of a load from the volt meter that causes there to be a tiny drop across the resistor? I'll get the other controller ready to test this week. It's basically assembled, but largely untested. The output of the hall effect forces things to go to 0.5v for zero throttle, and 4.5v for max throttle. So, no hall effect connected would pull up close to 5v. It sounds OK.
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