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Going a step beyond, now that I've made my S-10 average nearly 40 MPG, and upgraded the rear axle. I had to pull the 2.5L and 4 speed manual, no OD. It had a 3.42:1 axle, now it has an Explorer axle with 3.08:1 gears, for which I have 2.73:1 gears also. This axle is rated to carry 3800# rather than 2700# like what I removed. The 4,8L V8 is being backed with a 30.4% OD.
I towed bumper hitch for a long time before trying goosenecking, but gooseneck really is better, and I don't see why an S-10 can't equal a fullsize halfton. S-10s were rated to tow as much as 6000#, and goosenecking can put up to 1/3 of the total weight on the pickup's rear axle, which is now not a problem for this S-10.

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