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Yea, the 1200 amps is far more than those tires can put to the road...

So, first order of business on this little rig was to go to pick n pull and grab a door, fender, hood, and bumper. The suspension was blasted too, so I picked up a control arm, strut, and axle too. After I hammered and pulled the core support straight, I went ahead and hung the sheetmetal

Next, I gutted the engine compartment. This poor car had been converted with duct tape, deck screws, expanding foam, and an old steel shelving unit from UC Santa Cruz. Super hoakey job. I was after a quicky basic conversion as well, but not down to those standards...

While I was working on other parts of the car, my lithium batteries arrived from China 45 100 AH batteries

The lead batteries that this car came with were installed into a big hoakey box that was installed through a gaping hole in the rear of the car. In this pic, bracing for my new pack has been added in preparation for some new sheet metal. It almost looked like the hole had been cut with a jackhammer...

Here is the new sheet metal in place

View of repair and new fabrication work from the bottom of the car

Now the new lithium pack is in place. 350 pounds of lithium is a lot nicer than the 1750 pounds of lead.

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