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Hydrogen fuel cell electric cars are far less efficient than battery electric cars. Just getting the hydrogen takes more electricity, and then you have to transport the hydrogen. Fuel cell cars, like the Toyota Mirai are about half as efficient as a BEV, and they have a cooling problem. They have to operate at 100F or lower, and they are producing only a little less heat than an ICE, this becomes a challenge.

The Mirai has TWO onboard compressors - one for the hydrogen (to re-compress at the fuel cell?) and one for the air, so that the fuel cell works.

Virtually all the hydrogen used now comes from steam reformed natural gas. So, it has at least two sources of carbon - the natural gas and the heat source to make the steam. Then there is the carbon used to transport the hydrogen. Then yet more from the compression up to 10,000PSI.

Hydrogen is about as likely as a unicorn breeding program.
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