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I looked at the code again and thought about the ambiguities. You have more than 'two or fewer' risers, so you don't need landings. If you could do 3 or 4 treads, I'd think—the 4th one at the door-sill level. The edge case would be a 4th tread less that 7 3/4th inch. No less than one inch. What's the current width? With a 10 inch riser you're looking at 30 or 40 inches. It's probably 36 inches or 3ea 10 inch risers and one 6 inch one.That would gain 30 inches of wall space.

Try putting one car in each side successively (or not....sorry, but pix or it didn't happen) In architecture it all comes down to the door swings. If the steps take you directly to the car door, but you can't open it because the steps are in the way, then fire the architect.

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