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(I say too new, the forum wont let me add a link, not that I am too new to be bothered!).

My ideas are not in order of priority. This first idea I want to get off my chest!

(i). At the rear of most cars, the sudden 'gap' of the rear facing panel with the lights creates drag of a low pressure. With this in mind, I was thinking of routing air from somewhere else to exit in between the rear lights.
There is an 'EVO' which does this from ducting from behind the front seats taking air from the floorpan and it is ducted through to the rear. That is not possible with my car.

How about a tube going from the side of the boot space and cutting to the rear? Repeated on the other side as well. I am sure this wont be totally ideal but my gut feeling is that helping that vacuum at the back should be beneficial.

At 7 seconds on the video on youtube, I am talking about going from behind the 'dot' which is rear of the door, through to between the lights.

(ii) Modern cars have a flap in front of the front and sometimes rear wheels. If this flap becomes too big or too close to the wheel, it creates a high pressure in front of the tyre and can be bad for handling. I would like to create a v shape on the horizontal plane in front of the tyre (like a bow of a ship) to reduce the air to the tyre but also to create a low pressure which I hope may have the opposite effect of the 'big flap' problem. With this idea I hope to be able to go with a bigger 'flap' than if it was forward facing, and hopefully decide where I am trying to push the air.. to the inside of the car or to the outside.

(iii) Bonnet vents. Around half way down the bonnet, the slope is actually heading back downwards towards the windscreen. So I hope I can get better cooling by venting but before the high pressure at the front of a windscreen.

(iv) To reduce the 'hit' of the windscreen, I am thinking of somehow building up the bonnet so that it goes further up the windscreen.

(v) Ok, so where the firewall is at the bottom as the engine bay ends, there is some high pressure build up. Is it even worth ducting between the passenger's legs to jump the gap at a 45 degree angle from the vertical ot the engine bay to the horizontal of the floor of the car.

Enough madness- hope this hasnt angered you all too much or caused injury by facepalm!
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