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Toyauto Pickup - '94 Toyota Pickup 2WD
90 day: 36.32 mpg (US)

Versa Base - '09 Versa Sedan 1.6 Base
Team Nissan
90 day: 41.69 mpg (US)
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General info

Car mfgr: Toyota
Car model/body style: Pickup
Year: 1994
Engine size (displacement/cyl): 2.4 l / 4 cyl
Transmission type (auto/manual): manual
Pretty much a stock truck, still has mudflaps

MPG before hypermiling: 25 mpg
MPG currently achieved: upper 30's


Location of primary driving (country/state): SW MI
Miles driven per year: 5000
List all tools/techniques used to achieve current MPG:
EOC = Engine off coasting
EOC while motor is cold!
EOC 35 mph - 55mph with 5th gear
EOC 25 mph - 55mph with 4rth and 5th gear
EOC 25 mph - 40 mph with 4rth gear
Chug along at 35 mph in 5th or 25 mph in 4rth gear in low speed zones
When you are on a four lane road, EOC for sure
When you are on busy 2 lane roads, chug along at 3 under the speed limit
Light timing
Slow coasting to stops with motor off
Choose country roads with few stop signs and little traffic
Tire pressure 40 psi
Never exceed 55mph
Cruising speed in 55 mph zone is 52mph
Shift at low rpms, just a blip of the throttle in the lower gears
Use torque of motor at low rpms, never wind it out
Learn the roads, avoid speeding up just before a hill with a stop sign beyond it
Motor off at lights
Fast turns to preserve momentum
Force people to pass by slowing down when there is passing opportunity
I wear an odd hat so people think I am nuts or old
I enjoy how I am saving gas in my own vehicle plus the 20 behind me
Nissan Versa Aeromods
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