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Originally Posted by Astro View Post
They were either i had forgotten to tell the programmer to supply the VCC voltage for the chip. I was using the programmer to power the chip which is different to how you and Paul are doing it.
Vcc for the chip is coming from the control board. No joy on that one

Or there was a solder issue which a quick reflow fixed.
If that's the problem, I'm in trouble!

Basically a no comms situation on the ICSP.
I've checked the cable a dozen times or so, went through it with a meter and probes. The signals from the programmer don't turn on until it begins programming ... so I don't know how to check for signal.

The signals from the control board measure out, but they are only 5V, gnd.

The screw that came loose was not on the board, it was a terminal screw on the DC/DC converter (which is mounted to the top of the case) that was not tightened down enough after 12V power was removed from the controller for shipping.

Waiting for the PICkit 3 is likely the best path forward .. just a bit frustrating with the wait.
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