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Oh I'm planning on 2 different approaches. One for IGBT modules and one that's a little cheaper, but may be more difficult to get to work reliably. The module approach is more robust I think. Also, it's the difference between 100kW (TO-247) and 200kW (MODULE). So, everything you test is very important! Also, the code will be the same, and the process of getting the motor characteristics will be the same. It may very well turn out that the TO-247 approach doesn't work very well. I just wanted to try it though.
I have been working on 2 separate approaches over the last month. The first was an update to the board you are using, and the 2nd will be (not done yet) for the TO-247 approach. So I am definitely doing both! The module way is important for the DIY crowd, because they are so robust and easy to work with.

The PICKIT3 has a triangle pointing at pin 1 (mclear):

There is also a dot on the board to show pin 1:
kits and boards
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