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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
An $18K cracked cylinder head at 40,000km, out of warranty, while the engine's out may as well replace the DMF and clutch, plus it needs a driveshaft. That's before the extra service costs of a diesel, the extra cost of fuel and additives, DPF replacements down the road etc. A new engine costs $34K for reference

I've driven every van on the market here and the old 5cyl 400Nm T5 is by far the best, but VW even require special tools to change brake pads Unless I decide to go down the new car every three years route (which is exactly what they want of course), I won't be buying another VW.

So I now have a petrol Renault so cheap to run it's funny. I might get a new Iveco Daily in a couple of years time when I recover from the VW ordeal. I love big vans.
When I worked at Cummins the 6 liter engine was being sold to Chrysler for the Dodge Ram for less than $2000 (2001)
Chrysler bought 500/day to get that price!
The $34,000 represents an absolutely huge mark-up
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