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Two people that want a Lumina van? Dang, that's two more than I thought were out there! It has til Monday until the registration gets switched to "Dismantle Only", after that it's doomed. I hate seeing old stuff go to waste (as anyone that has seen some of the things I have rescued from the crusher can attest), especially when it is in really nice condition. But really, I get away with murder when it comes to getting storage for cars, and when someone like me gets to the point that I think I have too many old nerdy cars around, then you just have to realize that not everything can be saved. And that they really only have a value to people like the people on this site, and not many of them live near me!

Not much interesting at the auction today, though I did find a BMW i3 sitting in a back lot, so tomorrow I'll take it for a spin and get some pictures. There was an old beater Gen 2 Prius though. Ya know, I thought I knew someone that wanted one of these, but I can't remember who haha. 2005 with 203k KMs (126k miles), and the sexiest aftermarket hubcaps ever! Had near new Good Year snow tires, and came with the factory wheels in the back. But man it was ROUGH.

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