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YippeeeeEEE!!! The PICkit 3 arrived late yesterday

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
The PICKIT3 has a triangle pointing at pin 1 (mclear):
Yup - found that.

There is also a dot on the board to show pin 1:
Yup - found that too.

Connect it up, start up the MPLAB X software, load up the hex file.

No joy .. error message about no connection

turn all of it off and disconnect. Plug it all back in and wiggle the controller-to-ICSP connection as well as the ICSP to PICkit 3 connection back and forth a bit in case we've had some corrosion sneak in.

Power up - it works!

Program the dsPIC - and it comes back with OK.

Connect up the serial port at 115K,n,8,1 and press enter a few times. No response.

Oh - I still don't know whether TX on the board is FROM the chip or TX from the laptop TO the chip. Try the cable that I made with the TX and RX reversed. Still no joy.

Laptop is running XP SP3. Built-in serial on the docking station (I think I will re-christen it Leviathon! It has a network connection but using any modern anti-virus software would leave no CPU time for doing anything else!)

I was using the built-in serial on the docking station, but I have an older (10 years?) USB-to-serial converter as well as a new-this-year usb-to-serial converter to try out.

But my mind was fuzzy, so I went to bed. Will continue this evening.

What does the controller put out to say "I'm alive"? Will a few Carriage returns get me a prompt?
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