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Hey guys, I didn't mean to ask the question and then vanish, but I had some health problems over the past few weeks. Better now. Anyway, yeah, I understand welding is the solution, but it's not among my skill sets, so I'd have to take the backing plates off and find somebody who knows about this stuff and would do it for me (weld on more material, then grind it down to approximate the original level of material). Working on the drums again feels like a pain in the ass to me, so part of me is like, if I'm going to do all that again anyway, just swap in some discs and probably have a bit better braking feel altogether. Tradeoff is some efficiency loss and some reduced confidence in mountain-goat parking-brake situations (not unimportant, I've learned).

Just as background info, I bought my car from a kid who had put Integra brakes on the front, or got it from somebody who did. I replaced the front knuckles and brake calipers and pads and flushed the lines and rebuilt the steering rack... I could go on and on. But I wanted to put the original VX 13" wheels on the car for MPG purposes (I did this; there were some crappy no-name "rimz" on it when I got the VX). So I'm not about to go and beef everything up again, just thinking about swapping for the rear discs because in my experience they're easier to maintain and provide a bit more control through turns, etc. And fitting rear discs from a 92-95 civic ex/si or an Integra should present no problems with the VX wheels.

Thanks for all the helpful feedback. I will have to think about it some more. It's not super pressing, but I'd like to take care of the scraping noise on the p/s when I brake. And what it's telling me. I'm just particular, I guess.
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