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Originally Posted by firehawk618 View Post
Reading this thread I'm now seriously considering doing a full HX engine swap into my 98 LX but have to question whether or not I'll get the kinds of gains the OP did because I will be sticking with either the LX or EX geared transmission.

OP, do you think your super tall gears are making that much of a difference in your MPG?

I do have a complete swap lined up for a really fair price minus trans.

Engine complete with ecu and harness......

I've never had a vehicle that is capable of lean burn but from others cars that I've seen on here that are capable of lean burn I'm going to say that the taller gears do make a good difference with MPG.
Not only is it the MPG gain from having lower RPM but I think lean burn only happens near a specific RPM (which is on the lower end of RPM) at a cruising speed, so with taller gears which gives a general lower RPM that gives you more of a chance of lean burn engaging.

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