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The Truck - '00 Chevy S10 Extended Cab
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Thanks aerohead

10-13% is significant
I'm almost sure I have seen pictures of your truck mods but I cannot find them now
(looked very curved like a boat upside down on the top of bed??)

I bought a smooth bed cap before I knew any better
A cab Kamm back / sail would allow me to redeem myself

just finished work on wheel covers and was thinking skirts next...
but 13%... I may get distracted and work the cab next
depends on my fab skills and frustration level
(pounded my head on some A-B-A tonight - but I won in the end)

what do you think about sizing/shaping cab "sail" to streamlines (long string) at highway speeds?
Also, is there similar savings with a tail gate "sail"?
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