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Rust is the New Chrome - '86 VW Golf 4-door GL
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... you time your crosswalk-entry (as a pedestrian) to minimize the collective braking of oncoming cars.

... you keep enormous following distance in stop-and-go traffic because it kills you a little inside when everyone falls into that incredibly stupid acceleration-hard braking-acceleration-hard braking pattern (knowing full well that lesser drivers will pull in front of you).

... your father says "I would take the van to work, but I don't think its new bat-mobile theme would fit in at the office" (because you aero-modded that soccer-mom POS).

... you hear indirectly that the belly-pan you installed on your friend's truck (you ran out of vehicles in your own driveway) came partway off and send sparks everywhere. You assume your friend did not tell you directly because he thinks it would hurt your ecomodder-ego (little does he know this is just fuel for the fire!).

... the girl pulling out of the parking garage explodes into hysterical laughter at the sight of your front wind-fairing.
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