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Stupid rookie questions...

Hi all,

I've been interested in electric vehicles for some time and have build an electric motorcycle and several electric bicycles. I have since been looking into getting into EVs of the four wheeled variety and have an Open Revolt Controller kit.

Undoubtedly, I've made a few rookie mistakes some of them unquestioningly stupid. If anybody has put together one of these things before, I understand that they are of rather exceptional quality but I could use some direction.

Those capacitors are SERIOUSLY STUBBORN to solder in. The three large ceramic capacitors I actually used a butane torch to get on. I was as careful as I could be to keep the flame only on the work and not the capacitor itself. They had long legs and I didn't see much of a problem.

...but those 16 capacitors near the end... man are they hard to solder in. What kind of wattage do I actually need here? I have a heavy duty weller 200w soldering iron and it's not even close to getting the job done.

Any opinions? Thanks for any help.

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