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Originally Posted by apowers View Post
I used a radio shack 250 watt gun. I would hold the trigger till the business end got red hot. Then I would make contact with the area to be soldered. My thinking was that maybe I would not over heat the parts that might get hurt by it.

The controller has been working since September 09. Heating the soldering gun like that was hard on the gun. My conversion is an 87 Ranger.

Good luck
Hey Alvin! I remember picking up some ideas from you on the other forum. Our builds are very similar.

I've got one of these little irons right here: (Weller D550, I can't post images)

It's supposed to be 200-260w... but it just doesn't get the job done. I butane torched in the 3 ceramic capacitors and that was probably a reckless mistake and a lesson not to work when angry and frustrated. I think I got away from that without a hitch, but these 16 black capacitors... that just sounds like a really, really bad idea.

I am REALLY thinking about this one: (300w amazon iron, I can't post images).

but I have the same concern you have... I don't want to fry the capacitor. I'd have to be careful to keep the head on the work. It could be precarious.
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