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Update 3/14/2015- Rear End Aero; Continued

Hello all. Things have been busy, but I am making progress on TheDonkeyCRX-insprired rear-end aero work. I'm well into the metal-work at this point. I'd say I'm rounding second, heading towards third.

I finished up the rough-drafts with cardboard. Trimmed some things here and there, and added a small extension o the rear end of the kammback, mainly for looks. Gives is more of that "Spoon" look to it.

Finished templates; just before metal cutting began:

All drawn up:

After some research on the best way to cut the metal, I took it on down to Harbor Freight and picked this guy up. It does the job, but I can't give it four stars. But, better than using my grinder. MUCH better, actually...and safer. I like my hands and fingers.

Once all the pieces were cut out, I further shaped them with a grinding disk using my grinder.

I then began smoothing all the rough edges with an orbital sander. I used 120 grit pads (all I had). I'm heading to WalMart tomorrow for some 80 grit pads. Then I'll come back with the 120 and it should be butter.

Here's all the cut pieces. They have each been shaped with the grinder, just need some more sanding.

I also have the grille block and fog blocks just about done.

Hopefully tomorrow I can finish sanding, test fit them, and drill them into place with some small sheet metal screws. I'll then use the holes created in the body by those screws, enlargen them, and put nutserts in there place.

Until next time, Eyes on the Prize

Thank YOU for EcoTuning in.
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