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How come a lower pressure area occurs above the car..."throwing air"?

Originally Posted by WD40 View Post
Well for some reason it drew the exhaust into the car...
If I were to experiment with that plan I think I would start the duct work from the grill as its a great catchment area.
Interesting, if I have it right, the key point here seems to be that pressure is -lower- in the sunroof area, for example, than behind the car, which reverses the desired air flow (doh!).

However, I'm wondering -why- this is true...
A guess (please feel free to correct)
*) The roof and windshield area do not curve smoothly/continuously into each other, causing the windshield to "throw" the air over the sunroof and create a low-pressure/turbulence area

Yes, I'm considering the idea of reshaping/custom-creating the front/roof joining area (technical term for this?) to prevent said "throw" if this is the case.

The speed lost in the actual duct due to it likely not being perfectly smooth does seem to be a definite issue.
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