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Some suggestions and notes on the MPGuino

Hey all, dcb -

After using the MPGuino for a bit, I figured I'd throw my thoughts in there for you to think about. I figure I have a unique perspective since I've used both the guino and the superMID.

Anyweigh, I'll lay out each point and expand upon it a bit.

1. It rocks - I'd forgotten how much I liked having instantaneous mileage readouts. What's more, the big numbers are something great that the superMID never had.
2. LCD sucks - The big numbers help a lot, but the screen is still near impossible to see easily when it's bright outside. I know the idea is too keep it cheap, but could there not be an option for a nice green, backlight lcd that has the same sort of mechanics, even if it costs a bit more?
3. Bouncy numbers - Just driving along there will be quite a bit of bouncing around of the instantaneous numbers. Usually I'll get a constant alternation between something like 58 and 66 or something like that. Kinda distracting. It might be easy to smooth it out, or else it might be easy to add something like the SMID had, which was a mpg over last km function
4. Customizable screen - If there were an easy way to put the four functions you wanted on the same screen (such as instant, trip, pulse width, and speed) within the world of the unit itself, that'd be pretty damn sweet. The SMID never had this but it showed 16 things at once so it wasn't too necessary
5. The big thing, prefab - I realize it's a troublesome thing to try and prefab and sell an open source thing, but I talked to dozens of people about the mpguino at hybridfest that liked it but were scared off by the soldering. Making this thing more accessible would be worth the money for most people and would really grow the userbase, and I'm sure someone would figure something out, whether dcb wanted to do the selling himself, someone else wants to just to the work themselves, or there is some sort of prefab company that will do drop shipping. *shrug* But from my perspective as the one who wants to spread and make ecomodding accessible, this is really the most important task. After all, the more people we can get using it, the more people will be supporting dev and working on code and junk.
6. Oh! Another thing. How to I prevent it from reseting the tank info? Sometimes it'll even reset due to eoc...


PS: I peaked at the code and couldn't see where there was any averaging done on the instantaneous figure. Could you point me to the line or is it not there at all?

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