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Originally Posted by War_Wagon View Post
I take it you've never dealt with a '90s VW then, that mess is nothing! I've seen doorbells installed as starter switches as you need some proprietary VW tools to take the steering column apart properly, and I had a Jetta that half of the fuse panel had actually melted. So half of the lights worked. Seriously. A VW with electrical problems is like an MG or Triumph with electrical problems - that's just what happens. I still think that things a deal at $600 though.
LOL, sorry guys about sharing a couple of, well, thoughts...

VW's really do work good even if most wires hang out, lots of these are for stuff that is actually extra(US market). But, a headache no matter...

Also, TDI! WOW, hope someone that is patient got this Passat.
Once it runs well, should be about 50 MPG, lots more if a few mods r done...
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