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DeltaWing wants to make a family sedan

DeltaWing Racing has proven that their delta-wheeled architecture pinched-wedge design could deliver performance with great fuel efficiency and economy. Their next phase is to launch two- and four-seat road car prototypes for real-world testing. Panoz is focused on his 'Raceway to Driveway' mission. His DeltaWing racing cars are half the weight and aerodynamic drag, yet capable to deliver similar performance with half the fuel consumption. Panoz's road car prototypes will have severely narrow front tracks and maintain conventional sedan wheelbases. The rear-engine layout and lower mass & weight will also benefit from the cleaner aerodynamic body efficiency and decrease fuel consumption. But, would you be able to live with its unconventional exterior design?
A Street-Legal DeltaWing Could Get 74mpg, Says DeltaWing

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