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Originally Posted by Sandwich77 View Post
I'm coming into this "conversation" rather late since I've never owned a diesel but I'm currently considering buying an Excursion. I'm indifferent to the 6.0 versus 7.3, so what do any of you recommend? Which is more prone to issues, easier / harder to fix commonly known issues? What are your recommendations for upgrades to improve mileage and what are the associated costs per configuration? I'm looking for a good long distance vehicle to haul a family of five and eventually a camper.
I've owned multiple examples of each, and I'd say the 7.3PS is a better all around motor. I currently own a 6.0, but only because it was so cheap.

7.3 doesn't make as much power, but it has vastly better reliability, lower maintenance costs, cheaper parts, and just goes forever. On a 6.0, any sort of mechanical work is going to cost you an arm and a leg, and the truck is going to be off the road for a while (cab coming off and all). Stay away from any sort of tuning software on the 6.0 without ARP/similar headbolts or you can be in a world of hurt shortly.

6.0 is a good, strong little motor but is a maintenance queen compared to the 7.3. Just changing to oil every 5,000 vs 7500 miles (7.3L), flushing the radiator frequently (sand from casting does nasty things to these engines), etc, etc really add up to higher costs over the long haul. Add in emission components that are VERY prone to failure (delete as soon as possible) and you are looking at fairly identical vehicles in which one is MUCH more expensive to own and operate over the long haul.
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