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Back from the dead.

Chrysler kid, you already know I have swapped the HX setup but I do have an EGR question.

When I had the intake off I pulled that top plate and cleaned out all the passages. All 4 routes / ports were 100% blocked.

I am 100% certain that ALL my egr passages are sparkly clean inside.

I keep getting 2 pending codes. I seem to get 1 at a time and have yet to see both pending at once.

P401 Insufficient EGR flow.

P1491 Insufficient lift.

I have a question about the Odyssey valve you bought. What year Odyssey and did it end up bolting on to the manifold ok? I'm fine with extending the harness a tad if the plug won't reach.

I see in 02 the only engine option for the Odyssey is the V-6 but in 98 there was a 4 cylinder.

Did you eliminate all your EGR codes?



I pulled my EGR valve and checked the position sensor.

I get absolutely NO variance in resistance when testing between pins 1-2, 1-3, or 2-3 and manually moving the valve in and out.

This tells me the position sensor is toast.

I would still like to know if the Odyssey one fit your car so I can save 2/3 of the price!

Thanks again.
1998 LX with a full HX swap + VX transaxle.

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