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200-4R converters work for 27-spline 700R-4s, even sells reman Dacco converters for the 200-4R, use an '86 Monte Carlo SS version for a high-ish stall, pick some version that bolted to the disastrous Olds 5.7L diesel for a low stall.
3.21:1 gears exist, but can't be had new anymore, for the 10.5" axle. Cheaper to swap a D70 with 3.07:1 from an '89 Cummins, or a 3.08:1 Ford 10.25", both are full-floaters.
The 454 is a lame 7.9:1, but swapping the '96-'00 heads bumps that up to 9.0:1, which is good for those at higher elevation.
I suggest a B&M TorkMaster 2000 converter for the TH400, it will reduce slip at cruise from 200 RPM down to 50 RPM.
Weiand makes an intake manifold specifically for the "peanut-port" heads, but if you want to keep the EGR then Edelbrock is still the only choice.
The absolute best MPG cam for a 454 is Comp's HighEnergy 252. Hedman makes the cheapest headers, but the Doug Thorley's are legal.
For tires, BFG makes a LT255/85R16E you might consider.
Be sure you have the GM 5" airdam that matches your front bumper, then lower the 'burb as far as practical.
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