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The convention has been to keep the inlet tract opening ahead of the radiator bulkhead to take advantage of the high static pressure which can be harvested at this forward stagnation point.------------------------------------- The cooling system also shares the forward stagnation point, and above 40 mph(65 km/h),the cooling fan is superfluous,with all cooling achieved by ram- air.------------------------------------- EFI CPU proms are calibrated for and dependent on original OEM body architecture.It's not to say that things can't be massaged around,but you'd want to be careful.----------------------------------- Engine power is a direct function of charge density,and by moving the intake inlet behind the heat exchanger and exposing it to the heat-flux of the powerplant, would certainly affect incoming air density, with no provision for compensation or modulation.I wouldn't recommend it. The air mass moving "through" the engine itself, would be of such low volume, as compared to that flowing through the cooling sytem,as to render it" invisible" and of no consequence to the cooling system airflow.On a Messeschmitt Me 109 I'd say it's an issue,but not for a passenger car.
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