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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The 6 speed allison transmissions I can find are around $2200, that doesn't include freight shipping. Then the standalone controllers appear to be at least another $1500. Then I would need a custom drive shaft. That trans with a controller shipped to me I am looking at about $4000, plus whatever a custom drive shaft costs.
I can get the TH700R4 rebuilt and bullet proofed with a new torque converter for about $1400 to $1500.
If I could pick up a used 6 speed Allison locally for cheap, yeah I might do it.
The 5 speed Allison has the same top gear ratio as the 700R4, so that wont help fuel economy.

I don't want to do an NV4500 swap because my engines internals were balanced by a machine shop in Virginia beach. Swapping from a flex plate to fly wheel would mess with my engine balance.
Having balanced more than a few engines, I can say that if it was done correctly, your last statement is a false assumption.
You might also consider the 4L80E, with a '92-'93 diesel GM controller from a salvage yard. This is the cheap way to control any electronic OD 4-speed auto. $20 for the box, $85 for the reprogramming.
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