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What's your initial timing set at? Computer-controlled advance, or vacuum + centrifugal? Does it have a QJ with sealed idle mixture screws, or are the screws accessible? If accessible, have you adjusted for best idle vacuum? You want as much initial as it'll take without becoming hard to start hot or cold. No less than 6 degrees initial, even if computer-controlled. Probably no more than 14 degrees if non-computer.
If vacuum advance, use manifold vacuum. If computer controlled rather than vac / centrif, then there may be some wire to unplug. Typically tan with black stripe.
The QJ has more potential for better MPG than the Edelbrock carb, while the engine is stock, you just need to find and fix the leaks, both fuel and vacuum.
Once you convert to the Edelbrock parts, then get a non-computer HEI.
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