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Question What would cause a gasoline odor in the cabin ?

1993 Civic.
I replaced the fuel pump ( over a year ago ), which is under the rear seat, and thought there was a fuel leak there, but it seems fine.

When I fill up, there is a strong gasoline odor in the cabin - strong enough that i search my clothes to see if i got any on me.

I try not to 'top off' but the crappy gas station lines usually fail to shut off before it spills out the side. Even if i stop the gas before it get to where it spills over, i get the odor.

I can smell the odor for nearly a week after a fill, so I was sure there was a leak in a fuel line somewhere in the cabin area under the seat where the fuel pump would be ( duh ) !, but when I pull up the seat and check around the pump, it seems fine.

The fuel filter lines seem ok too. No obvious leaks.

Any clue what to do ?

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