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Civic HX Manual trans 1996-2000 Lean burn information

Since there seems to be a lack of solid information about the 6th gen HX's lean burn functionality I figured I would start a thread with my experience.

My ecu is from a 97 HX, manual transmission ECU is 37820-P2N-A22 federal version.

**I am running a DX geared transmission.**

I would like to keep this related to the 6th gen Civic *96-00* only.

There already seems to be plenty of information regarding the VX's out there.

In general here's the requirements for me to get into LB.

1. Engine must be running ~3 minutes.

2. TPS must read > 11% and <21.9%

3. Minimum mph ~28

4. Gear must be 3rd, 4th or 5th.

5. > 1800 and <3099 rpms. It seems to really like 2700 rpms to engage.

6. Engine load, I haven't nailed this down yet but definitely must not be >80 so far.

7. IAT's do seem to play a roll. What roll TBD.

When my car is in LB the commanded AFR's from the ECU seems to stay ~20.5.

When not in LB the commanded afr is ~14.6

1998 LX with a full HX swap + VX transaxle.

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