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Greetings from Southern California

Hello everyone,

I stumbled across this site by way of a Google search, like that's anything new. I have become increasingly interested in making the most of every $ I can due to my 150 daily commute. I reluctantly gave up my 2000 VW Golf Diesel two years ago (and regret it every time I think about it ) due to major engine problems and purchased a Scion TC. Until this year I really didn't worry about mileage because I was consistently getting an average of 28MPG @ 75-85MPH. So I slowed it down to 65MPH mainly on cruise and started seeing 30-31MPG. I recently purchased new tires for my car and wanted something that would last longer than 30K miles and found a pair of Continentalís that is guaranteed 80K, so I got them. Plus, I check my tire pressure every other day. I noticed that I was now averaging 33MPG and found out that my tires weighed 3 pounds less (per tire) than the old ones. That got me thinking...what else can I do? So here I am.

I discovered hypermiling and started Monday on a full tank and can already see that I'm ahead of the curve. I'll post my findings on emgarage tomorrow.



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