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5 pin sensor
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Zippy - '96 Honda Civic Hx
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Lean burn seems to be hit and miss as far as fuel economy, but I think my tire pressure has affected my current tank.

96 civic hx manual transmission factory shift light, s40 LSD trans. Markings on my chassis indicate my car was one of the first m/t hx's produced in 1996. There are grease pen markings on the underside of my hood for the inspector number and qc checks passed 76/76

Lean burn at 55 mph @ 2300 rpms. Lean burn disengages at 78mph. I find that the up shift light is more of an economy light to keep the car in the correct throttle and power settings

1998 civic hx manual trans no shift light stock trans

Best tank was 38 mpg, car was very sluggish and mediocre at fuel economy. Lean burn was intermittent most of the time the car would not engage lean burn until fully warmed up after 10+ minutes. I can remember the car bogging when shifting at 2100 rpms with the hx trans, really really slow when trying to accelerate onto the freeway from a stop light. I mean really slow, having to floor it to keep up with soccer moms and even big rigs

Best observed economy was 51 mpg highway with my 96 on 86 non ethanol gas. Best tank 44mpg, average tank is 38mpg summer 36 mpg winter
Current: 1997 civic lx
Past: 1998hx/1996hx/1997lx/1997hx Cali/1997hx
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