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Originally Posted by kir_kenix View Post
I think he is going to need some advance...fuel doesn't ignite/burn the instant it ignites. He is probably on the right path somewhere 6-10* before tdc...maybe more/less depending on what grade gasoline he is planning to run.

I have a feeling that you set your 5.7 back to "factory" specs (assuming computer controlled ignition since you are data-logging it)...and not actual tdc/0*.
I set base timing to zero by disconnecting the electronic spark advance, (brown wire under dash for me) factory specs. I had it at 12* and have played with it a bunch only to find it just simply runs better at zero. some people claim 4* advance is perfect. My engine is a 94 tbi all stock, except for ultimate tbi mods, tbi spacer and intake + exhaust. 328k miles on it and still runs like a champ, i feed it mobil1 every 3k.
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