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CaliCiv: Yeah, Cd was quite good for its day but less stellar than some modern alternatives. Perhaps some room for improvement with underbody treatment though. But the cross section Area is ~20% smaller than a Gen 1 Insight (if you can imagine), and the combined CdA ends up about 6% lower as I recall. Stock weight was closer to 1800 lbs without AC. I'm hoping to hit as close to that as possible, was told empty roller was <1300 lbs and there is probably still some room to shed a bit more weight. Removable fiberglass body over steel frame should make it quite a bit easier to work on, but of course quirkier and harder to find parts for. Its a tightish fit, but my prelim CAD drawings show the motor and batteries will go. I'll start a new thread with some pics and links once I get over my 5 post newbie limit

Thx for posting!

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