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Originally Posted by cosmick View Post
Seems dangerous, plus I get annoyed when I'm driving anything that the cruise lets the MPH be more than 1 MPH below or above the speed I set. That's the point of cruise. What you guys need is switchable cruise.
That's the point. This cruise keeps you behind the car ahead using opencv (algorithm of this video) I realize truck drivers hate slow pokes with their cruise set at 66 mph. This is for "that" driver. If the traffic is going 80, it limits where you want, for example SL+7. If the traffic slows for a few exits, your car "sees" the car ahead and you slow too. It will let that annoying text-er who typically sets their cruise at 55mph and swerves all over the road trying to text. They turn this on and it keeps them up with the rest of the traffic.

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