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Originally Posted by MobilOne View Post
I found it offensive.

Offesnsive ?

Are you trollin' ?

BTW, I am an extremely 'cold', selfish person. When a close relative of mine ( a child ) was dying in the hospital, I showed no emotion at all, yet tear up at this commercial.

I had it explained to me once that this was a coping mechanism, and it wasn't that i didn't care. When things get too tough to handle, i shut it all off.

To me, that certainly points to an emotional weakness.

One of the women i showed the video to, whom showed no emotion was my ( ex ? ) girlfriend.
She surprised me by laughing at me giving some coins to a homeless man. We had a discussion about it and she admitted that even if this man was indeed homeless and hungry, she did not care.

I've always held the belief that empathy was an ingrained human trait that we are all born with. Studies show that even rats show empathy amongst one another. Do you think that we are all indeed born with the same amount of empathy, and that we lose or gain it based on how we are affected by changes in our lives ?
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