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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
I had a 02Q45 and loved it.(270,000 miles) obviously its 12 yrs later.
How do you like the hybrid version of the Q50?
I have never seen a Q45 on the road. Must be a very rare vehicle.

I think the hybrid is a very solid car. On the pro side is for me the exterior and interior styling which liked much better than the BMW, Audi and Mercedes I compared with. It has plenty of torque and HP of course and it's pretty darn quick. That were the main reasones to buy the car for me. I'm also please with the fuel consumption. On my daily commute in western PA I get around 27-30 mpg on a 9 mile trip. I f I enjoy the commute it can go down to 23 mpg.

On a con side there is the not quite perfection of the car. I expected more from a premium car. Sometimes the e-motor and engine interact very rough. The transition between the one or the other are not as smooth as I would have expected. Especially at slow speed. At higher speed >20 mph it's fine. I like responsive brakes but when the car is cold in the winter the brakes are super sensitive in the beginning. The software is also faulty. Two major complaints: no backup camera lines after start (takes 2 minutes for them to show up) and in the dashboard the throttle meter has jitters from time to time. On the body side I have a crackling noise from the interior roof liner in the back of the car. Should be there at 3000 mls in a competitor of BMW and Mercedes.

Overall I like the car.
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