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How street art differs from graffiti, is that street art has the potential to make a person smile, or laugh.
It has the potential to make someone think of things in a different way, or appreciate something they normally never would.

It sometimes tells a political or moral message, and all in an easy to understand image.

Grafitti is something entirely different. This type of 'graffiti' is art, but for the masses.
If Banksy did his art on canvas, only a select few would see his art, and those few would be actively searching for it.
By doing his art in public places, he reaches a mass audience, many of whom would never see his work if he had kept it private.

So how street artist differ from ordinary vandals, is by uplifting a large percentage of the population - by giving them something as simple as a smile.

Vandals, on the other hand simply are there to torment the population.
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