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My wife and I have come on hard times lately. She lost her job, my job doesn't pay as much as my previous one. The mortgage never stops, and most of the other bills just keep getting bigger.

By hypermiling, I can save $30-50 in fuel every month - real savings, that helps keep the books in the black.

On top of that, I'm reducing my impact on the planet. I've been vegetarian for 17 years, and was vegan for 8 of those - a big part of that was to reduce my impact on the planet.

I too have the "builder's bug" - when I feel like I've accomplished nothing during the day, I go to the garage and build something - a sail rig for our canoe, a recumbent bicycle, shelving units, fiberglass pontoons for said sailing canoe, cradle trailer and hitch so I can tow the canoe behind my bike... You get the idea. The more eccentric, the better.
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