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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
jamesqf -- Street art murals are often commissioned. I went downtown and took this today. It's hard to get a picture of because it's 3 stories high and half a block long, and it was overcast. There are a half dozen smaller murals within a few blocks.
If the owner wants his building painted, and is even willing to pay to have it done, he's perfectly within his rights to do so. That's an entirely different thing from the sort of "street artist"/vandal who does his thing without the property owner's consent. How would you feel if it was your house or car that got 'arted'?

As to the other arguments, ordinary graffiti certainly has the potential to make some people smile & laugh, just as other people can see some 'art' as a terrible waste of good paint. Gang tagging certainly has socio-political messages, at least to its intended audience. For messages intended for a wider audience, suppose the building owner disagrees with whatever message the 'artist' has put on his building?
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