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Sure... which forum would you like to take it to?

How about that 18 year 6 month "global warming" hiatus, huh? Those climate scientists are sure having a hard time explaining that with their computer models, the only place global warming actually exists. That must be why they got caught falsifying several data sets, and disposing of the raw data. But looking at solar and orbital forcing influences, it's easy to explain. LOL

Which data would you like as corroboration? UK Met? UAH? RSS? NASA JPL?

Fact: CO2 accounts for 1 ten-millionth of one percent of climate forcing. Would you like to see the math to corroborate that?

Fact: James Hansen, in a NASA brief, said temperatures dropped from 1940 to 1999... while out the other side of his mouth he was falsifying the data sets to erase the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age so he could claim in 1999 that it was the warmest year on record... when caught doing so, he stated that he had to change the data, otherwise he'd not be able to show a trend!

Fact: Antarctica shows only 159 square kilometers of melt per year (per CryoSat-2), out of 14,000,000 square kilometers total. That's only 0.001135% that's melting per year. For it to totally melt at this rate would take something on the order of 88,000 years, and we'll be long into another ice age before then. And that's if no ice were added to Antarctica for that entire time.

Fact: The Greenland glacier added 500 gT of net ice in 2014.

Would you like the corroborating data to support all this? I've got it handy.

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