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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Zero is actually about 2.5v, since the throttle was configured as a wig wag. But I don't know what the state of the code is on the instructable. It may still be filler that I was going to get to.
Not sure about the instructables code but the code i have has :
while (ADThrottle < savedValues.minRegenPosition || ADThrottle > savedValues.minThrottlePosition)

I remembered the minThrottlePosition but forgot about the minRegenPosition.
For testing i can see that wig wag type setup would work well.
For in vehicle use though holding the throttle at that mid point (2.5v) may be tricky.

I have been meaning to ask for a while about how the regen behaves.
When the throttle is in the regen zone if the car is rolling then the regen slows the motor and charges the battery.
But what if the car is stationary. If the throttle is in the regen zone then does it do nothing? Or will it cause a reversal of the motor direction?
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