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Aero-bike - why have I not seen this?

Craig Vetter has some interesting stuff going on. A pioneer in motorcycle comfort and efficiency. He also had a hand behind these two machines.

Now what I find most interesting about these two machines is the rider layout. My Giant Revive has the same layout. Upright, arms forward, small wheels, rider towards the rear of the vehicle.

Also I noted that the frontal area probably isn't that much greater than a normal bike

So is there some reason I don't see semi-streamlined upright bikes doing the rounds around town? I can already do 50km/h on my revive while drafting big boxy vehicles in the normal seating position (cadence is unsustainable, but the power level isn't). 35km/h intermittent maximum without drafting. 20km/h comfortable on level ground.

Because of the moving feet I feel that covering the lower pedal stroke would be unnecessary (the feet are down exactly half the time on one side at the time, meaning that you need 4x the aero improvement to justify the extra frontal area).

Any thoughts? Is this a bike worth commercialising?


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