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Is this what you're talking about? Liners 1,2,3

I think it would be worth exploring ballast methods for stabilizing HPV streamliners like Vetter did with his motorcycle, but of course most cyclists would fret at the thought of deliberately adding extra weight to their bikes.

X2 on back angle. You run into practicality/comfort issues both in the drops and lying down on your back, so it's a compromise either way.

We don't have to worry about 100mph wind with bicycles, so of course the fairings can be made of lighter "composite" (anything from paper products to crabin fraber) materials. Of course, the really hardcore HPV racers build monocoque carbon streamliners that allow driver ingress by splitting in half* like a plastic easter egg. Weight and complexity might be saved by incorporating ideas from that into a commuter.

*Warning: Chainring porn
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