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Camaro low fuel economy

I haven't ran more than a tank of fuel through it since before I joined this site but I do recall it never really being able to get better than 24 to 25mpg.
The transmission was rebuilt in Oct 2000, about a year before I bought the car.
The car has the 5L v8 and 3.08 rear gears.

Last week I pulled the transmission and took it to a rebuild shop that does good reputable work in Lubbock, TX.

Their rebuild guy told me there were a few oddities, the wire to the lockup solenoid was cut. So no lockup.
The band and 3-4 clutches were burned up but the fluid and the bottom of the pan was fairly clean, I changed the fluid and filter about a year before I stopped driving it. They thought that was odd that it was so clean until I told them I dropped the pan.

So with no torque converter lockup and me not really knowing how to tune a carb back then netted me 22 to 24 mpg on a pretty regular basis driving on the highway.
I am curious to see what a functional lockup converter and actual good carb tuning will do.

This is obviously a product of what happens when you let some one else do your mechanicing and go with the lowest bidder.
They throw stuff together just good enough to get it out of the shop.

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