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I put the switch there with the plan of using it for one reason or another and haven't yet.

Yeah I do realize that I could get 50 with this car but I wouldn't call it easy in the terrain that we have around here. It took every trick I could think of to get 41.x on a commute tank, and that is what I do 90% of the time, commute.

I would sell the bezel if the car ends up going back to stock. They're not terribly expensive new though.

I'm not sure if they're factory mats or not.

I am going to keep the MPGuino.

I have run a carfax in the past, it's clearly got insurance total history, hence the not clean title.

I will take a few pics of the engine bay tomorrow. It just looks 100% stock with the exception of the air filter / intake tube. I do have the stock box to put back in though.

The appealing thing with the Insight is the fact that with a few mods I can take over control of the regen / assist pretty easily and get a minimum of 60mpg without all the EOC, running super low rpms, barely using any throttle, babysitting leanburn all the time etc etc.

The Insight was very eager to get into LB at a much wider rpm range vs the D16Y5.

Who knows, I might end up disappointed in it also and end up back in a Civic or something else.
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