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Originally Posted by BabyDiesel View Post
I am planning on a kammback and eventually a boattail

Here is the template overlay -

For the front

I doubt that this is the proper way to go about a vehicle's front aerodynamics. I do want to improve the front aero, if possible.
Eiffel and Hoerner both tested reversed streamline bodies ,and while the drag was higher,as half-bodies,and with wheels attached,I guestimate that you could see Cd 0.13 for a perfectly smooth wind tunnel model.
What we don't know,is if we can cheat on the windshield.If we can't,then the angles of the glass would make it impossible to see out of the car.
'Elliptical' bodies have the same drag as teardrop bodies,for the same fineness ratio,so I don't think you can hurt anything by extending the front.The pro's might say that you're creating undue additional skin friction.
Testing would tell.
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