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Look at it like this, how many ways is it possible to get too much fuel for the proper amount of air.

I've seen the injectors in a Z car that were continuous when they were supposed to be momentary, ecu fried by a reverse polarity jump start, another time fried by leaking windshield. The ecu regulates fuel delivery through the ground. Obviously a continuous ground would be a big problem.

Listen to the injectors with a stethoscope compare each ones sound to the other. If one is silent, clean the connection and try it again. I've seen engines not miss with a dead injector, the fuel trim was increased by the remaining injectors until it provided enough fuel for the car to actually run better than you would think.

Injector issue
ruptured diaphragm on the fuel pressure regulator
Open circuit on the ambient air temp sensor (would massively flood out a z car in two seconds).

Now here is the real problem. Even if you replaced the fuel pressure regulator yesterday, it could still be defective, even if you replaced it three times in the last week.

Had a customer replace 4 starter motors in his Z before he came back to me and apologized for calling me a thief, after I tried to explain the difference between the $39.95 direct drive cheap rebuilt for Advance, versus the $129 Nissan factory rebuilt gear reduction starter motor.

This is one of the reasons why I retired

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