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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Amazingly, I appear to have solved the problem from a "surprise" direction. I was wishing for a mechanical vacuum gauge because it seems odd to always rely on the mediation of the UltraGauge or my OBD2 diagnotic reader thing. Then I remembered someone saying cleaning old grounds can help the car run. Then I remembered cleaning the grounds has been on my list of long-procrastinated maintenance for a year or two. Then I took 30 mins to clean engine ground, transmission ground, battery ground, and one other grounding cable. And.... PROBLEMS ARE GONE! Just pulled nearly 70mpg in traffic on a 30 mile test run. Mostly normal fuel trim for a car doing a lo of P&G (slightly on the + side by 2 or 3%). Wow. They had not been cleaned since 1998. Hahaha!

BTW, I also got fuel system cleaner, Mech. What the hell, it can't hurt. I bought a big bottle to use in each tank for a few months. Thanks!
Fantastic. I like to polish the connection areas and dab a little grease on them. Never had to redo one with that procedure. I got 6 bottles of techron at Costco for $20, supposedly the ticket for the wife's direct injected Sorento (Kia relabels the bottles). Saved me pulling the rail on the Sentra which requires pulling the upper manifold.


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